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Hails & Farewells

I just received a note from Charli Carpenter, who for the foreseeable future will be focusing her considerable energies on the tenure process at UMass Ahmerst. She's bowing out of posting to the CTlab blog - for now - but that means we can also look forward to more of her published research output (not to mention the fact that she'll be tenured sooner, and can then do whatever she wants afford more time for non-tenure process intellectual engagement). For those of you unfamiliar with her contributions to this blog, I'd encourage you to go read her posts, which added significant depth to the conversation here. She'll be missed.

As one leaves, another enters the fray... Geoff Manaugh, who blogs - famously - at BLDGBLOG, is joining CTlab. He won't be blogging much, but he will be contributing his insights and energies to CTlab as it moves forward. First step: he'll be one of two speakers who make up CTlab's first public event in a few weeks in London. We're looking forward to his dynamism, and to speaking more directly to the architectural niche that he represents. A more detailed write-up on that will follow sometime later today, and Geoff will be posting a brief hello himself, sometime this week.

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