Michael A. Innes is CTLab founder and Executive Director. He divides his time between Brussels and London, Me%20Cropped.JPGresearching and writing in the spaces in between on foreign policy, militancy, and the laws of armed conflict. In his professional life, he's a civilian staff officer with a large international organization (see disclaimer). As a scholar, he's affiliated with the School of Public Policy at University College London, the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the University of Leeds, and with the Institute for National Security & Counter-Terrorism (INSCT) at the University of Syracuse. 

He has authored or edited numerous publications, including Denial of Sanctuary: Understanding Terrorist Safe Havens (Praeger, 2007), Bosnian Security After Dayton: New Perspectives (Routledge, 2006), and the forthcoming Making Sense of Proxy Wars: States, Surrogates, and the Use of Force (Potomac, 2009). He is currently researching a single-authored book, Sanctuary in Militant Thought and Practice, for Hurst & Co. Publishers (2009).

He posts regularly on the liminal realms, intermediate spaces, and remnants and rumours of subterranean politics that pervade the blogosphere. | External Site |


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