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  • This weblog is a project of The Complex Terrain Laboratory. It is avehicle for informed review and discussion of internationalrelations and conflict analysis.
  • Most blog content consists of review of one kind or another, whether itbe critique of media reporting, correctives directed at errant policy,explanation of misunderstood issues, or surveys of new research andreadings ...
  • Contributors are selected for their accomplishments as thinkers and communicators. They are of all reasonable political persuasions, with an eyefor detail, and communicate effectively to a larger audience. University faculty. Think ...
  • Interesting ideas and good writing, well thought out, by credentialed subject-matter-experts. Coverage falls into the following broad categories: Events: rapporteuring from conferences, workshops, film screenings, book launches, and the ...
  • The weblog also includes several types of special content: Thresholds: thoughtful, policy-relevant, op-ed type pieces on current issues, written by recognized experts. Responses: direct engagements, by scholars of note, with ...
  • By exploiting and adapting citizenmedia and online technologies. The Editorial Team ensures a highstandard of quality control and raises awareness of weblog content.
  • Because we can. Because we should.