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Booklab: The Scientific Way of Warfare

I'm happy to announce that CTlab will be hosting its second virtual symposium on 5-8 December, featuring Dr. Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck College) and his new book, The Scientific Way of Warfare: Order and Chaos on the Battlefields of Modernity (London: Hurst & Co. Publishers; New York: Columbia University Press, 2009). This second symposium follows the CTlab-hosted public lecture, "Feral Cities and the Scientific Way of Warfare", which saw Dr. Bousquet and Geoff Manaugh, the author of the superb BLDBLOG, discussing historical forms of battlefield management and future conflict in cities. It also continues the high standard of discussion and debate set in CTlab's first symposium, Social Sciences in War: Defending Hamdan. Dr. Bousquet will be initiating the dialogue, with notable scholars from the US, Canada, and the UK joining the conversation.


Kenneth Anderson – Law (American University)

Josef Ansorge – International Relations (Cambridge University)

John Matthew Barlow – History (Concordia University)

Antoine Bousquet - Politics & Sociology (Birkbeck College)

Martin Coward – International Relations (University of Sussex)

Armando Geller – Conflict Analysis (Manchester Metropolitan University)

James Gibson – Sociology (California State University, Long Beach)

Derek Gregory – Geography (University of British Columbia)

Craig Hayden –International Communications (American University)

Charles Jones –International Relations (Cambridge University)

Jason Ralph – Politics and International Studies (University of Leeds)

Julian Reid – War Studies (King’s College London)

Martin Senn – Political Science (University College London)

Marc Tyrrell – Anthropology (Carleton University)

Tony Waters – Sociology (California State University, Chico)

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